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International Conference on Food Security

Date: 07-08 December 2018
Location: TIET, Patiala, Punjab, India

Conference Themes

The conference will include plenary sessions and interactive workshops on the following broad themes:

  • Agri-biotechnological advances and impacts on food systems and nutrition
    Subthemes: Renewable genetic inputs for region-specific food crops, Molecular breeding for high yields, disease resistance and reduced anti-nutrients, enhanced nutritional value food crops, Bio-magnification of soil fertility and reduced agrochemical use, potential technologies for agro-waste utilization through value addition.
  • Innovative post harvest technologies and safety for sustainable food value chain
    Subthemes: Novel, environment friendly technologies for greening food chain, Biological strategies for minimizing post harvest losses and spoilage diseases in fruits and fresh vegetables, Early detection systems for microbial and chemical contaminants of food crops in the farm-to-fork continuum.
  • Technology applications for sustainable water use for agri-food crops
    Subthemes: Smart technologies and applications of ‘soil-nutrient-water’ management for food crops, reducing downstream impacts of agricultural water on rivers and fresh water bodies, Effective generation, analysis and use of digital data for integrated water use, green technologies to utilize or reuse water energy for agriculture.
  • Resilient food crops for nutritional security and climate change
    Subthemes: Impact of climate changes on decreased nutritional value and productivity of food crops, on farm practices and agro-ecological approaches for enhanced productivity, biofortification for restoring nutritional inadequacy, molecular designs for breeding resistant food crops and enhanced nutritional content.