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International Conference on Food Security

Date: 07-08 December 2018
Location: TIET, Patiala, Punjab, India

Food Security Challenge

The rapid depletion of natural resources and impacts of climate changes over continents and changing socioeconomic scenario has placed the global food system at the crossroads. The current trajectory of food production and consumption therefore, necessitates critical inputs for simultaneously addressing malnutrition, under nutrition, food safety, agro/food crop productivity and value chain improvements for achieving a food secure future. Harnessing collaborative scientific excellence for a systematic approach founded on sound understanding of factors affecting food and socio-ecological system can leverage opportunities for technological innovations for strengthening the food production to consumption network. Additionally, knowledge practices from farmers’ fields through distribution chains based on region specific and socio ecological outputs can be drivers for ensuring sustainability and equitability with an overall strong positive impact on the framework of the food system.

The two day international conference convened by the Department of Biotechnology, aims at a critical analysis with a broader view of addressing the emerging challenges of food security in India, the second largest repository of agro-food resources. Co-hosted by the Manna Centre Program on Food security and Safety Tel Aviv University and partnered by the Agricultural Research Organization, Israel the conference provides a world class networking of eminent thought leaders, leading academic scientists and industry leaders for discussions curated with a goal of identifying linkages for multidisciplinary, collaborative involvement in research and technology, knowledge sharing on best practices and solutions for various sectors for positively impacting food security.